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sumptuous spreads

Looking for your guests to get

 involved and tuck into something rather tasty?

We offer a huge range of buffet style options,

Whether it’s a corporate lunch or a lively evening number,

we can provide your guests with just what they need to get them through.

Hot, cold, savoury or sweet we have just what you desire.

Our sumptuous spreads are completely tailored to meet all your requirements.

Here is just a sample of what we could bring to your table.


·         Platters of cured meats with Harry’s bar sauce and pickled cucumber

·         Good old-fashioned platters of proper sandwiches with thick bread

·         Bowls of herby baby leaf salad with split dressing

·         Hot sticky chicken legs in our secret barbeque sauce

·         Buckets of Purple potato and chive salad

·         Heritage tomatoes tossed with sea salt and basil

·         pork, honey and poppy seed sausage rolls

·         chorizo and smoked paprika puff pastry straws with red pepper emulsion

·         Boards of breads and crackers with infused oils and hummus

·         Chunks of chocolate brownie drizzled with white chocolate

·         Squares of Tunisian orange cake soaked in a light spiced syrup

Our sumptuous spread packages are created with your ideas at the heart of them, prices start at £5.95 per person