Evening Fuel

Keep the 

party going

We understand that you are looking to keep your guests partying hard into the night and we know the best way to do this is by getting them to tuck into something rather tasty!

We offer a huge range evening food options for you to choose from.

Here are a few of our favourite offerings:



Basically, a grab and go pot of hot cheesy carb-based goodness made even better with some added flavour combinations!

Everyone's favourite curly pasta smothered in cheese sauce with some naughty extras for them to choose on the night.

Our flavours are listed below:


  • Don’t tell porkies! Crispy pancetta and sausage

  • Not mushroom in ‘ere! Wild mushroom and thyme

  • Hey pesto! Basil pesto and semi dried baby plum tomatoes


Parmesan Cheese



Beechwood Smoked special cured pork sausage in a brioche bun, alongside our selection of house pickles and mustards. Served with red cabbage slaw and potato salad.

Our dirty dogs are made dirtier when your guests get to choose from our dog menu flavours as listed before:

  • The Top Dog! Classic naked hotdog

  • The Chilli Willie! Hot chilli con carne and sour crème

  • The Mexican! Tomato salsa and guacamole

  • The BBQ dog! Pulled pork shoulder with barbeque sauce



con carnage

Like it hot? Our chilli con carne is a great option to keep your guests going all night long. Comes complete with the chilli station table full of goodies for people to pimp their chilli to their exact desires!


Red Chili Pods
FIESTY FLATBREADS _I can’t believe we ha



Sublime street food for the masses. Accompanied by our salad station.

Hand rolled flatbreads filled to the brim with either:


  • Harissa marinated chicken, mango yoghurt and rocket

  • Roasted vegetables, mozzarella and basil pesto

  • Asian 5 spiced pulled pork and plum sauce

  • Lamb kofta with mint yoghurt


Book now!

Our evening food packages are completely flexible, we like to hear what your drunken food favourite are and how we can serve this on your wedding day!

If you add evening food on to one of our wedding breakfast options we may be able to give a discount. 

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